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Installation of your Rogue GRFX Decal Wrap onto your body panels is a fairly simple process, however, here are few tips to make the install go even better. 

Items Needed

1. X-Acto knife with new blade.

2. Hair dryers or heat gun.

3. Isopropyl Alcohol – For cleaning.

4. Soft lint-free Cloth or Blue Scotts Shop Towel

5. Patience, if you take your time the wrap will come out sick!

If you have  a New Clear Body, it is not necessary to paint your body on the inside with R/C body paint we do however recommend it incase you have some decal panels mis-aligned on your install. We recommend either Black and White for a clean look.

Step 1 – Lay out all the body panels so you know which is which. 

Step 2 – Remove any stock decals. 

Step 3 – Clean all the body panels with Isopropyl Alcohol & Dry with a lint free cloth or Blue Scotts Shop Towel.

Step 4 – From your Rogue GRFX Decal sheet take note, on which panel is labeled to go on First. If not noted then choose any panel you like and go for it.

Step 5 – Begin to install your decal. Peel each piece off the decal sheet and apply to the correct body panel. Slowly apply pressure from the middle and work your way out to the edges. If you get any wrinkles, carefully peel them back slightly and re-apply. 

Note: That there is “Extra” decal on some panels, some pieces are cut with 1/16” extra around the edge to make it easier to apply.

Step 6 – Once all decals are placed apply firm pressure all over the decals to “Set” the adhesive, this is important to make sure the decal holds strong to the body. 

Step 7 – Heat up the decal! – Heating the decal does 2 things it “Sets” the adhesive but it also removes wrinkles! If by chance you and some wrinkles the heat will soften the decal and  will let you smooth them out. Locate a wrinkle and apply the heat from the gun for 1-3 seconds. You’ll notice the decal is now soft and wants to lay flat. Now is the time to smooth it out (Note: It may be HOT!). Just rub down in those areas and most wrinkles will disappear. Heat also works great on curved areas.  TIP: Start in the middle and work you way to the edges. Note: If using a heat gun be careful to not get too close to the decal you may burn or melt it!

Step 8 – Trimming! Use your X-Acto knife to trim the excess decal away from the edges. Do this by slowly pulling the knife (laid almost 90 degrees with the panel) slowly towards you.  Note: be careful to keep the knife angle perfect enough to cut the decal but not dig into the panel. 

Step 9  – If your body uses screws to mount or body mounts make sure to trim those areas. Just insert the knife through the hole and give it a quick spin around.

Step 10 – Go show off your rig it’s looking good!


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